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Statement of purpose

We will deliver high quality services effectively and ensure all staff can achieve professional standards consistently in patient care, safety, dignity and human rights.

Full training, engagement and communication – so our team are clear on our expectations for the safe and caring treatment of our patients, with on-going resources, guidance and support for their continuous development and improvement as an individual and a team member.

Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

 To provide high quality person centred care and a range of services to the whole community, including consultations, X-Rays, restorative work, endodontics, treatment of periodontal disease, prostheses, cosmetic work and orthodontics.

We will treat all people with the upmost respect and dignity, supplying all the information they will need to make a sensible, informed decision after explaining in detail their diagnosis and particular attention to – treatment options, advice, risks and costs.

Keep patients well-informed, discuss treatment progress and costs at each stage and once consent given treatment will proceed. Where necessary refer to an appropriately qualified specialist, providing temporary treatment if necessary.

Provide a preventative service and establishing an individually-developed treatment plans for each patient to meet their dental care needs and aim for a high level of oral health.

Surgical procedures

We will provide detailed information and explanations to patients where a surgical procedure is necessary following their diagnosis, with particular attention on – treatment options, advice, risks and costs.

To obtain valid consent for all surgical procedures carried out at the practice, with patient progress monitored for complex surgical, post-procedure – follow-up appointments to monitor full recovery and minimise risks.

Diagnostic and screening procedures

 To arrange and agree appointments and review appointments within an appropriate personal timeframe with patients.

To undergo a complete and detailed examination of the patient’s oral health with help from relevant diagnostic equipment, taking into account relevant medical history.

To inform patients of the results of such diagnostic and screening procedures with a view to discussing possible treatment options.

Highest standards of patient safety

 To ensure we have we provide sufficient resources and appropriate staff available for patients’ treatment and care, both emergency and scheduled services, the dental team will hold meetings at beginning of each day, weekly planning session and each month review previous month and plan the next.

Patient safety, cleanliness and infection control are vital. Therefore, any comments, issues or complaints will be handled proactively as per our complaint policy and patient kept informed of what actions will be taken.

Patients will be required to provide us with an accurate Medical History detailing past and present condition, including medication and regularly checked and updated.

Staff will be provided with training so competent in dealing with management of medicines and the most common medical emergencies.

Patient safety is of paramount importance to us and we implement recommended procedures to prevent cross infection and follows current Department of Health Technical Memorandum 01-05 recommendations for decontamination of equipment and premises.

This means that we use disposable equipment whenever possible and that all other equipment is sterilised in an autoclave, in a separate sterilising room. Sterilised instruments are then packaged in sterilising pouches as per HTM guidelines.

Our dental team will check there are sufficient quantities of instrument and materials for each clinical session taking in to account these decontamination procedures.

Our equipment is maintained as per supplier’s instructions and with inspected by qualified engineers regularly, ensure these are recorded and immediate repairs made if required.

Your patient records will be complete, accurate and eligible with written and electronic data securely stored and shared appropriately.

Your involvement and feedback

We actively want and seek your involvement with your comments, feedback and suggestions; we conduct regular anonymous surveys of patients’ views on the services care and the treatment we provide plus a comment card scheme in the waiting area.

Appointment times, days and preferences are discussed to suit individual needs and preferences where possible and choice in respect of treatments provided and your wishes as to when you will be treated on specific days or by certain staff.

Rights and responsibilities

We recognise the principles of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, recognising and conforming to the European Convention on Human Rights Act 1998 for both for our patients and our employees.

DBS disclosure

All our staff hold a current DBS disclosure, previously known as a CRB check.

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